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Casino Tower

The Casino tower concerns an essential item in the seaside skyline, in which the intention to represent an underwater world on earth is reflected.

It’s height allows an important green surrounding area that will provide a luxurious and free aspect and an environmentally wild quality. 

The tower reconfigures itself depending the identity of the hosted uses, being splitted or joined due to the surface needs.

The program hosted in the complex consists in the Condominium Tower Hotel with more than a thousand beds, a convention center, meeting rooms, and ballrooms for weddings and feasts. Besides that, also a VIP spa, luxurious shops, hairdressers, fitness, piano bars and restaurants offers an extra value.

The casino tower is places in the center or the whole project site, close to the village, the marina and the great white sand beach. It’s also a massive node inside the communication axis.

The project area offers alternative services that make sure that it’s possible to have a high occupation rate all year long, avoiding the temporality that holiday tourism usually represents, by focusing on the sector of conventions and, events and as a second residence combination. Holding a dual property title, will set the chance to rent your apartment/room while you are not using it, offering an extra money income to the owner and a chance of new business with low maintenance costs to the hotel administration. The possibility of living with local people would be an attractor to possible visitors, giving an extra value, rare and exhotic, not seen in any previous turistic resort.

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