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Willy Müller Architects

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Our building is a pile system structure with minimum floor occupation. The entire structure behaves like a mushroom in a rural area: minimum occupation, minimum impact, maximum efficiency. Each floor organizes its spaces around the central circulation tube, therefore freeing up the boundaries.

The skin folds itself along the shape of the different surfaces to acquire spaces, climates, textures and activities: from the green surfaces to the photovoltaic plates, from climatic diaphragms to allotment-balconies.  The core organizes the whole circulation system of people as well as the waste system. We intend to create a building which recycles from the beginning, in which each occupier will take part in the recycling process.

The programme combines flats with a recycling plant and a supermarket, deforming each floor to allocate the different uses: expanding the supermarket on the square, connecting the street to the recycling plant and piling up the flats on a parallel line to the folds of the façades. The building is an Acacia: an organic model but organized vertically, in the middle of the orange anarchists.

The allotment: can it be an Eden?

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