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New Barceloneta Public Library


The new Barcelona library must take the unique chance and opportunity given by its privileged urban location: As the most important Mediterranean libraries, and it’s vocation of looking towards the sea. Opening itself and showing off to visitors coming from overseas as well as local users.

The main objective of the proposal is to develop the functional program inside a stepped container, creating balconies and terraces, both interior and exterior, where we are able to look towards the park, the city and the sea. To offer open public spaces above closed public uses.

Thereby, we understand that building as a sloped prism, symbolically sunken on the plot, as an archeology tool that discovers new city interpretations, not only of its past history but observing the future from a recovered horizon:  the Mediterranean sea.

To take advantage of its urban location to create a big amphitheater: an unexpected opportunity for Ciutadella park to have a new sloped public space carpet looking towards the sea 

To solve though an inclined building the porch continuity coming from Picasso, Avenue along the park, placing the library main entrance in its ending point. That entrance, with a protective descending scale will grant urban scale to Passeig Argenteria.

To introduce standalone programs (children’s program, a restaurant in the roof with an independent access from level zero, an auditorium for presentations, reading rooms and so…) in order to create certain use intensity in the main floor, independent from library uses, contributing with a crossing passage that will minimize paths from side to side and introduces the park to the interior space, creating a hall between Estació de França and the library, focused in expositions and shows.

To revalue the ruins, exposing them as an open air museum, covered and lightened with the proposed building.

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